How we ensure the quality of remote learning

At Horizon we are always striving to make our remote learning offer the best it can be for our children. We therefore carry out the following processes:

Virtual Learning Walks:

As we would in school, we carry out weekly virtual learning walks. Mr Moss and Mrs Wright spend a short period of time in each classroom, when delivering live lessons each week. They then provide individual feedback to teachers and add successes and next steps to weekly staff feedback messages.

Reviewing planning and resources:

Every 2 weeks, Mrs Wright will meet 1-1 (virtually where needed) with each teacher to review planning, resources and overall remote learning provision. This is a development opportunity for staff.

Parent Feedback:

All key messages from parents, whether positive or negative are sent to Mr Moss and Mrs Wright. If appropriate these provide development opportunties for the teaching team in delivering and communicating remote learning.

Monitoring focused on SEN or vulnerable children:

Mrs Glassock (SENCo) and Mrs Long (Assistant SENCo) review activities, lessons and resources to ensure that they are suitable for children with SEN or other vulnerable children. Existing and future lessons are then adapted based on their feedback.

How findings are used:

All ongoing monitoring, review and feedback is used to directly support individual teachers and to form staff CPD for virutal staff meetings. 

During periods of school closure, all CPD is focused on enhancing the quality of remote learning and the overall remote learning offer.

Who is responsible for ensuring the quality of teaching for remote learning?

Mrs Wright, Deputy Headteacher and Teaching and Learning Leader, has overall responsiblity for this.