Promoting physical activity and remote learning

At Horizon, we believe that physical activity is vitally important to education and overall health and wellbeing. 

This is no different when it comes to remote learning and we therefore promote physical activity in the following ways:

Role of our PE specialist (Mrs Mason):

Mrs Mason contnuously researches high-quality videos and activities that can be used to increase phyisical activity in a fun and challenging way.

These are shared with teachers to post as the weekly PE lesson.

Mrs Mason is also setting up class competitions linked to physical activity and sport. Children are then encouraged to post their efforts to teachers.

Role of teachers:

Teachers must provide a weekly PE activity as the lesson each week. 

Where appropriate, teachers should encourage children/parents to post a video or photo of them completing the activity. This will not be possible for some exercise videos/activities.

Other methods:

As part of welfare calls to familiies, staff are encouraged to ask parents about activities that have taken place, including phyiscal activities.