The ACE Programme

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At Horizon Primary Academy, we believe that every child has the right to aim high, spread their wings and learn without limits. Through the ACE Programme (A Champion for Every Child) we provide the opportunity for children eligible for Pupil Premium to do just that.

Our ACE tutors carefully plan support and opportunities for our children to aspire and to develop the academic and life skills to dream of bright futures and exceed their goals. 

ACE tutor support provides nurture and opportunties to receive pastoral care, and develop social and team building skills essential to ensuring they can achieve and thrive in all aspects of school life and beyond. 

Whatever barriers children and familiies have to fully accessing learning and school life, the aim of the ACE programme is to minimise the impact of these, providing equity for all children in the school community.

Our ACE tutors are always happy to talk with you about any concerns you have or support you may need. Meet the team:

Lead ACE Tutor: Miss Carrett

ACE Tutors: 

Mrs Moore

Phoebe Broster 

Mrs Turnbull


If you would like to raise a concern or seek support in relation to ACE, please visit the 'Report and Suggest' page/tab and click on the ACE button.