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Welcome to the Horizon Primary Academy website. I hope that it captures the true essence of the school and gives you the information you are looking for. You are very welcome to come and visit to find out more – our children are the heart of Horizon Primary Academy and would love to show you around the school they are so very proud to be part of.



Aim High;

Spread Your Wings;

Learn Without Limits!


At Horizon Primary Academy, we believe in providing a rich, meaningful and aspiration holistic learning experience for every child, striving to ensure that every child and adult is an exceptional learner.

We are aspirational for every child and therefore have very high expectations, achieving extremely high standards for all and ensuring that all children fulfil their learning potential during their time with us. We believe first in the core skills of reading, writing and mathematics as the underpinning foundations to learning and therefore ensure that every child develops these throughout their journey at Horizon Primary Academy.

We also ensure that every child reaches the high expectations we have for them in all other subjects on the curriculum and strive to spot talents in curriculum areas so that children can also excel in subjects where they are particularly skilled or have keen interest.

At Horizon we expect children to behave well and put precise measures in place to ensure that this is the case and that no learning opportunity is diminished due to the poor behaviour of a child or others around them. We instil strong learning behaviours in children, providing them with the tools and attributes to access every learning opportunity in the most effective way possible.

At Horizon we are always kind, always ready to learn and always try our best. Together, these allow every child to embrace school life, learning challenges and help them to become the best citizens they can be for the next part of their journey.

We believe strongly in inclusion and equality and that every child should be able to access every aspect of school life as fully as possible. We therefore provide an SEN-friendly learning environment throughout the school, ensuring as much as possible that barriers to learning are removed or reduced. We do not like to see any child disadvantaged, resulting in diminished learning opportunity and therefore work closely with disadvantaged children and families to remove any potential barriers and ensure that there is an equity of experience and opportunity through precise planning and liaison.

At Horizon Primary Academy, we are acutely aware of the importance of strong wellbeing and positive mental health and therefore strive to ensure that all members of the school community are supported, that tangible wellbeing focus is provided and that mental health support is accessible when needed most.

Children are the heart of a school and that is seen strongly at Horizon. We believe in children being leaders, having responsibilities and guiding the school experience where possible. We therefore develop opportunities for children to take on roles throughout the school to acquire leadership skills and have a clear voice.

At Horizon, we value the input of parents as a significant contributor in a child’s learning and school experience. We therefore provide opportunities for parents to engage with their child’s learning, including learning alongside them in the classroom, attending class assemblies and joining parent workshops and groups.

The wider school experience is an essential aspect of a child’s time at Horizon Primary Academy. We therefore strive to provide a wide and rich range of experiences and opportunities for children to go beyond the school day. We provide a wide range of clubs, covering a variety of interests. We strive to allow as many children as possible to represent the school with pride and therefore maximise sporting competition, musical performance and showcase learning in creative subjects as much as possible through art exhibitions, engineering and science presentations.

We again value the contribution of parents in wider school life and have therefore developed an active and effective PTA, which organises and leads successful events for the school community.

Every aspect of the school experience at Horizon Primary Academy is precisely designed to ensure that every child aims high; spreads their wings; and learns without limits in every way possible.




Mr David Moss


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