Applications will be open from Friday 4 November 2022 to Monday 16 January 2023.


Horizon Primary Academy admits 30 pupils in to Reception class per year. Reception admissions are processes by the Local Authority and we adhere to the policy.


Click here to see our Admissions Policy and Oversubscription Criteria for September 2022/23

Click here to see our Admissions Policy September 2023 Entry


Admissions for the up and coming Reception class must go through Kent admissions online. More information can be found at click here .

Make an Appeal

If your child is due to start Primary School in September 2022, you can appeal if you are refused a place at one of your preferred schools on National Offer Day (Monday 17th April 2023).

You must submit your appeal between before 17th May 2023 for it to be considered by 19th July 2023. Any appeals received after this time will be heard within 40 school days from the deadline, or where reasonably possible in line with updated guidance from the Department for Education.


Appeal hearing

The hearing lets you explain to an independent appeal panel why you think your child should be given a place at the school and lets the school explain why it could not offer your child a place.

You will be informed of the date of your appeal at least 14 calendar days before it is heard and a complete copy of the appeals paperwork will be sent to you at least 7 calendar days before the hearing.


The Clerk will normally provide you with the panel’s decision within 7 calendar days of your appeal. If the panel is hearing a large number of appeals, this will be 7 calendar days after the last appeal is considered.

If your appeal is unsuccessful, you can't lodge another appeal to the same school for the same school year, unless you can show your circumstances have changed since the first appeal.

Get advice

Appeal a school offer - Kent County Council

Call 03000 41 42 22 or email for support.


In-Year Admissions:

Applications for year groups other than the normal point of entry should be made directly to the school.



The In-Year Admissions Form can be found by clicking on this link: /390/admissions

Completed forms should be returned directly to Horizon Primary Academy. This can be done via email. Application outcomes will be confirmed in writing no later than 15 school days from receipt of application. 

If the number of applications for the school for any year group is more than the number of spaces available, then the oversubscription criteria (as per our admissions policy) will be applied.

If you would like to arrange a tour of the school or have any queries regarding the admissions process please contact the School Office via or by calling 01322 665 235

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