At Horizon Primary Academy, we strive to create an Art curriculum that will engage, inspire and challenge all of our pupils to explore their own creativity in an artistic form. From reception, children will be given opportunities to immerse in the world of expressive arts and design. As they move into key stage 1 and 2 they will be equipped with necessary skills, knowledge and techniques to enable a variety of media and cultural experiences by exploring famous artists from across the world to be inspired by. It is through these opportunities that we aim for children to make informed choices and think critically of their own work and others.

 As stated in the National Curriculum states; “pupils should become proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques”. Therefore, the foundations of the Art curriculum at Horizon Primary Academy are underpinned by the practical, theoretical and disciplinary pillars and learnt through the key concepts of line, colour, shape, texture, pattern, form and space and shade and value. The children progressively learn these concepts in order to develop and create their own artwork through the mediums of drawing, painting, collage and printing and sculpture.

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