Vision and Values

Aim High;

Spread Your Wings;

Learn Without Limits!

At Horizon Primary Academy we truly embody this ethos. 

Every child and every member of staff receives the support, challenge and commitment to truly be the best that they can be. 

At Horizon, we expect everyone to work hard, work hard to go further than they ever dreamed possible. 

To achieve this, we have a healthy balance of high expectations for everyone to strive towards and a strong nurturing ethos that allows everyone to rise to these challenges, providing support, understanding, guidance and drive every step of the way.

We strive to remove every barrier possible to ensure that everyone can learn without limits.

Above all, we raise aspirations, set goals and provide enriching experiences and opportunities so that everyone can be better - not because they are not good enough but because a relentless drive for improvement and betterment are key attributes of the exceptional learners that we strive to create, nurture and build during everyone's time at Horizon Primary Academy. 

At Horizon, we have exceptional ambitions for everyone; everyone is part of our ‘exceptional learning community’.

Underpinning much of the vision that we have for our school community are our 6 core values, all of which are designed to create exceptional learners, positive citizens, and change agents for the future.


At Horizon, we aim to be the best that we can be. We set the highest goals and standards for ourselves and each other and work hard to overcome any barriers in reaching these.


At Horizon, we never give up! When things are challenging, we try our hardest to succeed because we have the confidence that we are great and can do anything. We develop grit and determination and work our hardest to overcome adversity.


At Horizon, we respect each other as learners and as individuals. We support and understand each other. We listen carefully to all members of the Horizon community and respect the environment in which we learn.


At Horizon, we take great pride in our learning, ourselves and our school. We always aim to produce our very best work and present it in a way that shows we are proud of our learning. We ensure we always look as smart as possible and wear the Horizon badge with pride. We know we are important, we are special and present ourselves in this way.


At Horizon we believe that honesty is the foundation to our learning. We take risks and understand how we can learn from our mistakes. To do this, we must admit our mistakes and keep working towards success. We believe in strong moral values and that honesty and integrity underpin everything we do.


At Horizon, we believe in being fair and treat everyone the way they deserve to be treated. We understand, embrace and celebrate the differences in our community and are proud of the diversity within our school family.