Schoolgateway is a parent portal (app and website) that provides a single point of contact which allows you to receive messages, view payment requests and view balances from the school and react to those notifications free of charge. As a school we encourage this to help keep the school and you as parents informed all of the time.

The schoolgateway is easy to set up and even easier to use!

Step 1: Download the app (iphone and Android).

Step 2: Press 'new user'

Step 3: Enter required details

Click here for a full step by step guide with help and support.


Top features:

  • Message the school office day or night as we will get back to you in school hours
  • Pay for school dinners
  • Pay for school trips
  • Give consent to visits outside of school
  • Stay up-to-date with all things school, texts, emails and newletters
  • Receive attendance updates

Please note: To make this system work we ask one thing from you and that is that we have your current e-mail address and mobile number.

Feedback from our parents:

'Can't believe how easy it is!'

'Love it, its accessible at all times and I know where my money is going'

'I always know what's going on in school'

'Love the messaging side of it, its so easy'

'I love the new system for booking clubs, it lets you keep on top of things'