At Horizon, we believe that the French curriculum should enable our children to communicate confidently in another language and develop their appreciation of other cultures. Children learn how to express their ideas and thoughts by applying new language to practical contexts. Our curriculum aims to provide the foundations of learning a modern language and foster their curiosity so that the children are ready to learn more about French and other languages in the next phase of education. 

The National Curriculum states that: “The teaching should enable pupils to express their ideas and thoughts in another language and to understand and respond to its speakers, both in speech and in writing.” Therefore, the foundations of the Horizon French curriculum are underpinned by the key concepts of the mechanics of language, communication and comprehension. Children progressively build their understanding of these concepts in order to understand and respond to spoken and written language, speak with increasing confidence and write for different purposes and audiences. Through this, children will listen, read, write and speak with growing awareness and independence to provide an opening to other cultures.

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