Horizon Ambassadors

At Horizon, we like to develop leadership in children, to give children responsibilities to lead, to help shape the school and their experience and to develop aspiration for future leadership in their next stage of learning and eventual careers.

We have a number of ambassador roles in the school, and children can take on this responsibility at any age. 

These ambassador roles include:

Attendance ambassadors

Learning ambassadors

Individual subject ambassadors

Safeguarding ambassadors

Class ambassadors

Online safety ambassadors

Anti-bullying ambassadors

Eco Ambassadors


Meet Our Attendance Ambassadors:

IMG 7022

Their roles include keeping track of daily and weekly attendance for their class; rewarding children for good attendance and liaising with the school attendance officer, Mrs Harman.


Meet Our Safeguarding Ambassadors

At Horizon Primary Academy, 6 children from Year 1 to Year 6 have been awarded the role of Safeguarding Ambassador.

The Safeguarding Ambassadors will work with the Designated Safeguarding Leads to help keep everyone safe in school.  They will assist with everything including health and safety of the environment, internet safety and bullying prevention

The role of Safeguarding Ambassador is to have a basic understanding of safeguarding; to be a supportive friend to their peers and to signpost them to the right adult.

The Safeguarding Ambassadors will also support children to keep safe throughout the year. Examples of this include fireworks night, online safety, road and rail safety, safer internet day, anti-bullying week and much more.

Any school ambassador at Horizon Primary Academy is expected to lead by example, demonstrate exceptional behaviour, be part of meetings, help deliver assemblies, welcome visitors and represent our school in the wider community.

Our First Year 6 Leading Light has earned their hoodie

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