Reading and remote learning

It is vital that reading continues during periods of remote learning, depsite having limited access to paper-based books for many children.

A combination of Accelerated Reader and MYON is ou solution to this issue.

Teaching Reading:

Teachers deliver a daily reading lesson as part of the remote learning timetable. This follows the school's reading sequence and expectations, albeit slightly adapted for remote learning. 

Silent Reading (OTTER time):

Silent reading time is scheduled every day on the timetable for remote learning During this time, children should access an ebook from MYON, pitched at their reading level, or a paper book from home.

Accelerated Reader Quizzes:

As soon as a child has finished their book/MYON ebook, they should complete a quiz on Accelerated Reader. 

Mr Moss, the English Leader, will track enagement with quizzes, word counts, quiz success and progress towards personal reading targets every 2 weeks. This information will be analysed and shared with teachers. Both Mr Moss and class teachers will message children privately to praise good performance and to check in on those not engaging sufficiently.

Other teacher communication:

Teachers should post regular reminders to all chidlren in their class about:

  • Reading daily
  • Reading the correct level of book
  • Completing quizzes
  • Sharing with someone at home