How we provide feedback on remote learning

Feedback is an integral part of our teaching and learning model and remote learning is no different.

Live feedback – teachers can provide live feedback to children during live video streaming, similar to the CCR model in class. This would be based on observations from the Chromebook during a Google Meet.

Feedback when set work is completed and posted on Google Classroom:

All completed English and maths work should be posted on Google Classroom by 1pm. Teachers will give instructions to the children at the end of a particular session. Teachers should provide daily feedback on work completed. This should be done via written comments on Google Classroom by posting private messages to the children. All feedback should be delivered the afternoon of the day it is set. Some work will be marked by the children, with teachers posting slides of answers. Teachers will give relevant guidance to this in the lessons.


What should feedback look like?

  1. Comments to the children/parents if work is not completed
  2. A comment on effort
  3. Something that went well
  4. 1 thing to improve on where it is clear and actionable from home


Feedback should take place between 2:30pm and 3:30pm each day. Teachers will only make brief comments to allow for all feedback to take place during this time. Teachers will mark as ‘marked’.

Teachers are not expected to provide feedback on the day that they are teaching in school for the critical worker/vulnerable child bubble.