Monitoring engagement and providing support

It is our aim to ensure that 100% of children engage with remote learning during periods of school closure. 

We therefore do the following:

Monitoring and tracking engagment and attendance:

Daily registers:

We complete daily registers for each session - this includes maths meetings, maths lesson, English/phonics lessons, reading lessons, silent reading time and wider curticulum lessons in the afternoons. These are completed by class TAs or, in their absense, SLT and admin staff.

Mr Moss and Mrs Wright analyse these registers daily and make contact with parents/carers if there is no evidence of engagement with that session/lesson. It is logged as to whether contact was successful or not. 

During these calls, parents are asked if there are any reasons why the child could not access the learning and staff offer support if possible. This may include an invitation to collect a loan device, set up an existing device or provide stationery/paper copies of work as a last resort. Parents are also reminded of the importance of accessing remote learning, particularly live or recorded input from teachers.

Calls are made home periodically if a continued lack of engagment is noted.

Additional tracking:

Engagement with Accelerated Reader and MYON is tracked bi-weekly by Mr Moss, English Leader.

Enagement with Times Tables Rockstars is tracked bi-weekly by Mr Chorley, Maths Leader.

Engagement with remote learning by children with SEN is tracked continually by Mrs Glassock, SENCo

Engagment with remote learning by other vulnerable children is tracked continously by Mrs Wright, DSL and Mr Steele, DSL and Pastoral Leader.

Tracking by class teachers and TAs:

Teachers and TAs will also track engagement of children through the daily registers, through monitoring of children attending live lessons and through tracking the submission of work. They will then raise this with children and parents/carers through phone calls or private messages on Google Classroom.

Additinal welfare calls by range of staff members will also be made to increase and maintain engagement in remote learning.