Posted on: November 11th 2021

Horizon's Covid-19 Reflections Astonish local Mayor

The children of Horizon contributed some moving reflections on the impact of Covid-19 on families and, when shared with the local NHS services and council, were met with great appreciation and amazement.

Thank you so much for contributing to the success of last night's PV health event online.  You spoke from the heart and really helped those listening to appreciate not only what the children have been/are going through, but also all the teachers and support staff.  A huge two year hole in our lives and much catching up and adjustment to be done.

I know The Oaks surgery were very impressed with the work being done at Horizon and Dr Clayton (whose idea this was) wrote this morning:

"The young people's work was so powerful

I thought the contribution from Rob Steele working with young people at Horizon was very illuminating and painful".

So very well done and thank you so much for taking the time to do this piece of work.

The surgery would like to put up the children's work up in their premises.

I know the Mayor was also very moved and touched by the children's work.