DT Curriculum Highlights

Highlights from the incredible DT construction projects this term...


Y5 mechanical windmills. The children designed moving windmills and constructed these using wooden frames with cross braces. They applied their knowlege of circuits as well as pulley systems to move the blades.

IMG 6293     IMG 6294

Y4 cam toys. The children designed moving cam toys. They deeloped their cutting and measuring skills as well as their knowledge of structure and joining materials to build a structure. They then learned about how cams make objects move and applied this to their designs.

IMG 6295

Y3 moving story book pages. The children learn how to make parts of a story page move by using levers. They learnt about a range of levers and mechanisms and chose which one would make parts of their page move. They applied this to the story Krindlekrax, which they were studying in their English lessons.

IMG 6296

Y2 moving vehicles. THe children developed their measuring and cutting skills. The then developed their knowledge of joining techniques as well as how wheels move with a moving axle and fixed wheels.

IMG 6292