Core Knowledge and Knowledge Organisers

Core Knowledge:

At Horizon, we believe that acquiring knowledge is vital in all areas of the curriculum. Embedding knowledge into the long-term memory is a fundamental part of the learning process. 

We ensure that children acquire and retain core knowledge in several ways, including:

  • Knowledge organisers
  • Core knowledge grids and displays

A knowledge organiser contains the core knowledge that a child needs to know and will acquire throughout a learning theme, topic or unit of learning in a particular subject. 

Core knowledge grids contain the core knowledge the children need to acquire and retain and are added to with the children at the end of each lesson. 

These are both vital tools for the children and discussions about and referal to knowledge organisers and core knowledge grids is a method of keeping learning on track as well as a scaffold for learning in any subject.

Parents have access to  knowledge organisers too and can support knowledge acquisition at home as they know exactly what the children are learning in school and need to know over time.

Children also refer to these to revise key learning material and use spaced learning opportunities (time to return to learning that took place earlier in the year). 

Knowledge organisers have been designed by children with special educational needs so that they allow all children to maximise access to them. This includes, the font used, colours, visuals and colour of the paper they are printed on. This is inline with the school's commitment to genuine inclusion.