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Year 5

Scouts - Downe Scout Camp


Last weekend we were lucky enough to go camping at Downe Scout Camp. For many of the class this was our second night away this year after our very successful trip to Gilwell Park. Once again the trip was a fantastic success, below you will find lots of photos that were taken throughout the weekend.

Scouts - Cooking, Fire lighting and Knots


This week in scouts we have been learning how to light a fire using flint and steel. The children had to master a difficult technique but were at the end of the session able to all fight a piece of cotton wool.

As well as all the excitement around the fire the children looked at how to tie different knots these included the reef and  slip knot.

Welcome to YEAR 5!


Welcome to Year 5's class page, below you will find all the different activities and work we have done this term. Please make sure to come back to see more updates throughout the term.

Current Term - Summer 1

Horton Kirby River Day Trip


What a fantastic trip we had at the start of the new term. The class took a short train ride to Horton Kirby to learn about the river Darent. Throughout the day the children learnt many things about the river, carrying out experiments in the river to measure the depth and speed of the river. The children all got an opportunity to get into the river and carrying out their experiments. There were a number of wet feet by the end of the morning, but it was all in the name of science.


Below you can find some photos of the trip which the children will be able to tell you plenty more about.