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Year 3

Year 3 Trip to Lullingstone Roman Villa, Eynsford.


After a short walk from Eynsford Station through the countryside, we arrived at the Roman Villa.  During the day, the children had the opportunity to learn about how a Roman Villa was built and heated.  They learnt about all the different rooms in the bathing area and where the water came from.  As you can see from the photos, both children and staff enjoyed trying on typical costumes from that time period.  Thankfully we had wonderful weather which meant a class picnic followed by some fun on the hillside!

"My favourite part of the day was the skeleton of the man in the coffin." Riley

"I really enjoyed seeing the skeleton of the goose and the dog." Billyjay

"I loved the colours on the mosaic." Sofia

"My favourite part of the day was watching everyone having so much fun at lunch time." Oci

"We had fun trying on the Roman costumes." Kathleen, Tani

" I liked drawing pictures of the Roman Gods.  Venus was my favourite." Alfie Joe

" I liked the film when we first arrived." Christina

" I liked the ruins of the big villa." Rubernlee