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Tim Peakes – Year 5

Royal Observatory, Greenwich


Today Year 5 visited the Royal Observatory in Greenwich park, we were very lucky to have such a wonderful day of sunshine for the trip. The children had a fantastic time learning even more about space and the effect many forces have on the universe.


The children took part in a talk from one of the astronomers where we learnt more about the moon, forces and the closest solar system to our own Alpha Centauri which is over 4 light years away.


We were also lucky enough to enjoy a show in the planetarium 'The Final Frontier' which gave the children a look into what is in space and the exploration efforts the world is currently making to find new life.


It was a fantastic day out and I hope all the children really enjoyed the day as much I did and I look forward to our next trip together.


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Litter Picking - Spring Clean


Year 5 took part in the 'Great British Spring'


The Great British Spring Clean is a campaign with one simple ambition. To bring together people from across the country to clear up the litter that blights our towns, villages, countryside and coastline.


To do our part Year 5 went to Swanley Park to help pick up litter to keep the environment safe and clean for children and animals to use. The children were a huge help and the amount of litter that we collected make a huge help to making the area cleaner.

Paramedic Visit


Today we were fortunate to be visited by three paramedics who came to show us some of the things they do whilst they are at work.


Here are some of the things the children learnt from the day.


Fiona said ' I learnt that when you give CPR you have to press down in the middle of the chest with a lot of strength 30 times. Then use the air compressor 2 times.'


Becki found out 'I didn't know that not all injured people need to go to the hospital because it depends on the injury they have.'


Leona learnt that 'Paramedics only use the electric shock when people's heart isn't beating.'

The Astronomy Roadshow


This week we continued our learning about space with a visit the UK's Largest mobile planetarium system the 'Astronomy Roadshow'. The presentation gave the children an in depth view into the formation of stars, the galaxies around us and how day and night works.


Scott said after the presentation ' I learnt that an exploding star is called a supernova.'


Connor said ' I learnt that you can see Venus clearly at night by using the star formation of the queen to help you.'


Dellamay found out 'I didn't realise there were so many different star signs, I thought there was only one or two.'


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Visitor - Dr S Court


Today we were lucky enough to have a visit from Dr S Court from Kemnal Technology College. We thought up lots of really interesting questions to quiz our visitor on and we learnt a great deal which I hope all the children will be able to come home with you all.

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A new term and a new adventure into outer SPACE!


Welcome back Year 5

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