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Tim Peakes – Year 5

Term 5 & 6 - Rainforests

Term 3 and 4 - Amazing Anglo Saxons and Vicious Vikings!


This term Year 5 are learning all about the Vikings...


To begin our topic the children designed and painted their own Viking shields to help decorate the classroom.

They have also been busy creating Viking broaches and swords.



'Show Us What You Know' Homework tasks -

1. Design and make a Viking helmet, shield or sword.

2. Research what life was like as a Viking or Anglo-Saxon. You could present this as a poster, leaflet or power-point to share with the class.
3. Draw, label or make a model of a Viking long ship.

4. Find out where the Vikings invaded and locate these on a map.
5. Write a short story or a comic strip about a Viking invasion.



Class Newsletter Term 3 & 4

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