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Take a look at how well we did at this years summer fete!


A very big thank you to every child, parent, PTA member, volunteer and member of staff for their hard work at this years summer fete! the sun was shining and we had a brilliant time! This year we were able to raised £878 for the school please take a look below at where and how some of the money was spent and raised! Organising and running these events requires the support of lots of people on the day and to remain cost effective we have to plan carefully. Please take a look below at where & how the PTA budget is spent. If you feel you can help out at the next event please let us know!


I would like to say a special thank you and well done to:


  • All the children who took part in the performance, sang in the choir, narrated and helped out on the day- you were all amazing!
  • Thank you to the PTA for all your hard work running up to and on the day!
  • Thank you to all parents/carers for your support on wear your own clothes day (donations) and in creating some fabulous outfits for your children- everyone looked great!
  • To every member of staff for your ongoing support before and on the day!
  • To every member of the kitchen staff who provided us with a yummy lunch!
  • Mr Allum- Orchard Academy's Music Teacher- who gave up lots of his valuable time to help the children not only compose their music at Orchards but also with all the dress rehearsals and for the music on the day!
  • Thank you to Swanley History Group who volunteered their time to come and share their knowledge and photographs with us!
  • Thank you to the Sky Birds of Prey Team- for an amazing show! and to the Bouncy Castle Team!
  • Thank you to all our volunteers who gave up their time to help!
  • Thank you to all of you who baked a cake- the sale of those cakes will go towards supporting future events for the school.
  • Kelly (Dance) who gave up her time to create a 'jive dance' with the children for the fete.


Debbie (Wellbeing Coordinator)


So how and where was the money spent? Please take a look below at where some of the money was spent and how it was raised.....


Gate Entry- £174.10 This money paid for the Sky Birds Of Prey Display which cost £150.

Bouncy Castle- Raised £101 the castle cost £110 to hire. (Castle therefore nearly paid for itself)

Popcorn-  Bought for £20:00 made £41 so a £21 Profit for the school. 

British Bake Off Stall-Cost of Prizes £30 the sale Raised 97.20! Thanks to all those who made cakes the sale of those helped us raise £47:20 for the school!

Beat the teacher & Paper Aeroplanes £2  (paper) cost to school but made £38:50

Guess What & Hoopla- No cost to school but we made £3:95

Scouts- Marshmallow Toasting- £7:00 cost we made £10:40-  so £3:40 profit.

Refreshments (Soft Drinks= £8.16+ Fizzy Drinks 65.80) further ice creams to sell.


The list above outlines where and how some of the money was spent and raised- we are really grateful to all parents and carers who came along and took part in the fun. All the children looked great in their costumes and have recently received their prizes in assembly! well done!