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I want to start off with a big thank you to all those who helped at this year's Summer Fete whether you donated sweets, helped set up/tidy up, made resources or spared us your time.  Events such as these require lots of planning and without the support of our school community we wouldn't be able to achieve this. This year I want to say how extremely proud  I am of the many children who gave up playtimes to help organise, make, sort, paint and most importantly keep me going and inspired! I believe that Summer Fete's are all about the children and they should be as involved as possible. I felt that the day was a success- not only was it cost effective for us as a school, but I hope for you as parents/carers that we kept prices as low as possible. The African Animal experience was our biggest expense and what a great experience it was getting that close to the animals for that price! I hope that you enjoyed it as I know I did! 


I would like to end on another big thank you to all of you who helped your time and contributions make a big difference.! I therefore hope that our 'Friends of Horizon' PTA will continue to grow so that as a school community we can continue to work together for our children.


Next Big Event Friends of Horizon will be hosting is the Christmas Fete 2017 come and speak to Debbie in September at our next meeting! remember friends of Horizon appreciates equally any commitment big or small!


Thank you Debbie