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First Installment from the Horizon Bloggers

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Football Lunchtime part 2


Welcome back guys are you ready to hear about the great game of football.


I was playing today I scored a great goal!


But who was it?



On year 6 they're doing shadows and how light reflects off mirrors.


Did you Know?


If you pull the torch further back the shadow becomes smaller and darker.


Did you know?


The closer the torch becomes the smaller the object's shadow will be.

Table Tennis is so fun because we get to play and practice.


Mr Chorley and Miss Ledger are so good at the game. We learnt a backhand and forehand stroke.


Part 2 will come next week.

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Hello Parents, we are the secret bloggers back for another week.


So you might have heard about the magnificent performances being produced by KS1 and 2.

The performance is set to be top notch, I don't want to give too much away but we have some stunning voices and amazing actors this year.


So to make sure you don't miss the show of a lifetime be there to see your child in action on the 12th and 13th of December.


Science around School


A new competition that is running currently at Horizon is the Science around school. The competition involves hunting down magnifying glass as seen below across the whole school.


To participate, once you have found the question you must write the answer for Mrs Powley on a piece of paper, to then enter the competition. At the end a person will be chosen from the correct answers who will then win a prize.


Good luck to everyone taking part from the secret bloggers.

Football at lunchtimes Part 1


What a great game Key Stage 2 had today! Football is a great game to exercise, lots of children love to play.


As usual it was Year 6 versus everyone! Year 6 always win but today it was different.


Two boys in Wear 3 were epic and scored two fantastic goals in the top corner. Hopefully next time Year 6 will be able to win again. Stay tuned for next weeks football at lunchtimes

Breaking News!


Every Tuesday you will get updated with what is going on at Horizon.


We will be anonymous to you but we will leave clues over the year for you to spot.

You must stay updated with the secret bloggers page on the school website and twitter to avoid missing any clues.


We always will talk about things happening at Horizon some examples of this will be the Pantomime, Kinetic Science Show, Christmas Performances, Turning on of the Christmas lights and 100 years of Scouting. As you can see there is lots of exciting things happening at Horizon this term so stay tuned.