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Scouting Names

It is tradition in Scouting for the adult leaders to have different names.

In Beavers all the colonies have a name based on nature. The names of the colony leaders are animal names, which you may find out and about in the British Countryside.

In keeping with tradition, Cubs are all based on Wolf packs and the names of the leaders are characters from Rudyard Kipling’s famous story – The Jungle Book.



Miss Crawford: Raksha (Mother Wolf) 


Miss Thomas – Finch 


Beaver Colonies


‘Wildflower Colony’ 


Miss Lewis (Clover) Miss Kitchen (Badger) Miss Howard (Otter)



’Forest Colony’


Miss Ledger (Squirrel)  Miss Brazier – Sparrow  Mrs Long (Fox)


‘Woodland Colony’


Mrs Powley – Woodpecker     Mrs Amey – Hedgehog   Mrs Franek – Door Mouse



‘Grey Wolf Pack’


Mr Chorley –Akela       Miss Widdowson – Shere Khan



‘Arctic Wolf Pack’


 Mr Jones  - Baloo  Mrs Coombes (Slug)  



‘Manitoba Wolf Pack’ 


Mrs Smith (Lala – Wolf Girl) Miss Knight – Bagheera   Miss Roberts -   - Hathi