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SALT: V Maher and Speech and Language Teaching Assistant: L Long

Speech and Language Provision


Our Speech and Language Therapist (SALT) is ​Vicki Maher and our Speech and Language Teaching Assistant is Mrs Long.  


​Sometimes we may seek advice from the SALT who is commissioned directly by Horizon.  The SALT then works closely with our Speech and Language Teaching Assistant who is employed directly by the school.


A big part of the SALT's role is to help support children's speech, language and communication development at school.  This may involve:

  • ​Providing training for staff
  • ​Giving advice to teachers and parents about how a child's communication skills are developing
  • Liaising with the school's Speech and Language Teaching Assistant regarding specific intervention programmes for identified children.


This support is available to all children at the school.  Benefits of speech and language intervention extend beyond language gains and include improvements in social skills, peer relationships, self-confidence as well as literacy skills.


If you have concerns about your child's speech and language, we can discuss this together.  Should we feel that a formal speech and language assessment is useful, you will receive a personal letter asking for your consent.