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Read Write Inc

Read Write Inc. is an early reading programme that supports children to sound out and blend words for reading and develop their writing ability.  In the EYFS, the children begin to learn the 44 common sounds in the English language.  


Here is a list of the set 1 letter sounds and their rhymes:


a Round the apple down the leaf (apple) 
b Down the laces to the heel, round the toe (boot) 
c Curl around the caterpillar (caterpillar) 
d Round his bottom up his tall neck and down to his feet (dinosaur) 
e Lift off the top and scoop out the egg (egg) 
f Down the stem, and draw the leaves (flower) 
g Round her face down her hair and give her a curl (girl) 
h Down the head to the hooves and over his back (horse) 
i Down his body, and dot for his head (insect) 
j Down his body curl and dot (jack-in-the box) 
k Down the kangaroo’s body, tail and leg (kangaroo) 
l Down the long leg (leg) 
m Down Maisie, over the mountain over the mountain (Maisie and mountains) 
n Down Nobby, over his net (football net) 
o All around the orange (orange) 
p Down his plait and around his head (pirate) 
q Round her head, up past her earrings and down her hair (queen) 
r Down his back, then curl over his arm (robot) 
s Slither down the snake (snake) 
t Down the tower across the tower (castle tower) 
u Down and under, up to the top and draw the puddle (umbrella) 
v Down a wing, up a wing (vulture) 
w Down up down up (worm) 
x Down the arm and leg and repeat the other side (exercise) 
y Down a horn up a horn and under his head (yak) 
z Zig-zag-zig (zip)


Here is a list of the set 2 letter sounds and their rhymes:

ay may I play?

ee what can you see?

igh fly high

ow blow the snow

oo poo at the zoo

oo look at a book

ar start the car

or shut the door 

air its not fair

ir whirl and twirl

ou shout it out
oy toy for a boy


Here is a list of the set 3 letter sounds and their rhymes:


a-e make a cake

ea cup of tea

i-e nice smile

o-e phone home

u-e huge brute

aw yawn at dawn

are share and care

ur purse for a nurse

ow brown cow

oi spoil the boy

ire fire! Fire!

ear hear with your ear

ure sure it's pure

ai snail in the rain

e he me we she be

oa goat in a boat

ew chew the stew

er a better letter


We use these rhymes in school to help and support the children with their writing.  For the correct pronunciation of the letter sounds please click on the following link:


Children will continue to learn new sounds and develop their reading skills through Read Write Inc. in KS1. Read Write Inc. will also be delivered to children in KS2 that need some extra reading support. If you would like any further information regarding Read Write Inc. please click on the following link: