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Pupil Voice - October 2016

This is what some of the children said when asked about science at Horizon Primary Academy


AC (yr 1)      I liked looking at all the different colours on the autumn trees.

HM (yr2)      I like recording what I’ve been investigating.

JS (yr2)       I like to learn new things.

IL (yr3)        I liked making toothpaste last year on Science Day

IC (yr 3)       I liked it when we invented our own smoothies and then got to make them.

EMK (yr4)    I like to learn new things, like nature.  It makes me excited.

DA (yr4)      I like to do fun investigations and learn new things.  It will help me in

                   the future.

DJ (yr5)       I like hard lessons which are challenging.

ED (yr5)       I like investigations where you learn about what will happen.

SE (Yr6)       It is my favourite lesson.  I like doing investigations.

MK (yr6)      I like doing investigations.