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P4C - Philosophy for Children

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At Horizon Primary Academy we have introduced P4C (Philosophy for Children) as an interesting and dynamic way for children to engage in discussion. Children are learning how to respectfully listen and respond to each other’s thoughts.  

At the beginning of each session a prompt to stimulate our thinking is given. It could be a photograph, a short film or a book. We have even used a photo of some philosophical graffiti. Children decide for themselves the questions they would like to ask and the conversation flows!

At Horizon we believe that engaging in questioning and thinking in P4C sessions will benefit other areas of the curriculum, as our children tackle some big questions thoughtfully together.

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Children’s P4C Quotes


Children are inspired to share opinions in a respectful environment where there are no right or wrong answers, only points to which they listen and respond. Some of the children’s interesting comments and questions, which have arisen during P4C, include the following:


Why are people treated differently because they have different amounts of money?

The physically rich complain they haven’t enough. They don’t think about the very poor who have nothing. Sometimes the physically rich don’t realise how mentally poor they are.

Would you want to live forever?

You wouldn’t get that good connection you get with the younger generation that you get with your peers.

You would be lonely.

How do I know my memory is real?

Senses go to the brain to help make the memory.

Is it better to be a child or an adult?

An adult because you can choose what you want to learn about.