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Online Safety

Online Safety At Horizon


At Horizon we understand that as technology develops and becomes embedded in our way of life and everyday the children we teach access the internet more and more. Ensuring the children of Horizon are using the internet securely and safely is at the up most importance. The internet is a wonderful resource for the children to use, however with this comes risk and it is important for children and parents to be aware of the risks and ways to ensure they are using the internet safely.


At Horizon the children are introduced to surfing the web safely through the activities from 'Think U Know' where the children learn the importance of how to keep safe whilst using the internet.


Online Safety At Home


We are aware that many of the children at school have access to the internet through a computer, tablet or phone. We understand how difficult it can be to ensure your child is safe whilst accessing the internet.


Even through the use of computer games and mobile phones the children must understand the risk. It is the responsibility of us as teachers and you as adults to ensure the content of the website, game or video is suitably age appropriate. There are many websites that are and taking the time to visit a website before the children have access to them is extremely important.


The following links below provide useful guidance for parents or carers with regards with how to keep your child safe, including top tips for searching online safely, being safe with a mobile phone and how to deal with online bullying.