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In May last year, we sent out a letter to parents in years 5 and 6 asking them if they would like to attend maths workshops.  The aim of the workshops was to help parents support their child/children with maths concepts that perhaps they themselves found difficult.      


We only received 4 responses and of those 4 responses, only 2 parents consistently turned up to the Year 5 classroom every Tuesday for 6 weeks to learn more about maths so that they could support their child’s learning at home.  They overcame their fears, nervousness and personal barriers because they knew how beneficial these workshops would be to them and their child.


It has been an absolute pleasure teaching these 2 parents who we have seen grow in confidence and ability, and who were willing to learn new, difficult concepts that are expected of their children. 


Here is one of the parent’s responses that might persuade you to attend the workshops should they start again in September:


Why did you decide to attend the maths workshop?

To help my son with his homework.


What have you found most useful from the workshops?

It has helped me to understand how maths needs to be broken down in order to answer a question.


Would you recommend the workshops to other parents?

Yes I would because they have helped me to help my son.  I feel more confident about maths now.


How will you use what you have learnt from the workshop to support your child/children?

I can now help him break down a question making it easier to come to an answer.  I can help him as I can support him and show him the workings out.