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Mission statement


Literacy is defined as the united skills and knowledge of reading, writing and oral language, and is used in all areas of the curriculum by both teachers and pupils. Therefore it is our aim to ensure that we enable all of our pupils to develop the use and understanding of standard English to their full potential in all aspects of speaking, listening, reading and writing, including spelling and handwriting. In order for children to become literate they must understand that the written word is a representation of the spoken word, and that both have a variety of forms related to purpose.



Effective use of English for communication is central to learning in all subject areas and a vital life skill. We aim to enable our pupils to use English in sophisticated and creative ways for:

  • complex thinking and effective communication of ideas
  • precise and charismatic speaking
  • inspired and engaging writing
  • thorough and thoughtful listening
  • insightful and critical reading
  • a love of story and reading, drama and poetry, for pleasure