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Horizon Spelling Bee

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Why is spelling important?


•Spelling is important because it will help improve your reading and writing.

•You can’t reach your expected level if you can’t spell the words for your year group.


How Will it work?


Two Parts

Part 1 – Learning your spellings

Part 2 – Spelling Bee Assembly


Learning your spellings – At Home


•Each week you will be given 10 spellings to learn.

•You will be asked to use these ten spellings in a sentence of your choice.

•For example – beautiful 

The butterfly had small pink spots on its wings which made it look very beautiful.

Learning your spellings – At School


•Every Tuesday you will be tested in class on your ten spellings.

•All the scores from your class will added up to give you a total for example – Year 4 have 30 children which will give a total out of 300.

•If you have been practicing and you manage to get 9 or 10 spellings correct you will move one space up the Horizon Bee in your class.


Horizon Bee


•You can move up if you score 9/10 on your spelling test.

•Every week you move up you will earn yourself a raffle ticket with a chance to win a prize at the end of the term. The prizes on offer will be related to spelling for example: spelling games, reading book, spelling workbook.

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Spelling Bee Assembly


•Every Wednesday we will have Spelling Bee Assembly this is your chance to showcase your spelling skills.

•There will be two parts to this assembly

–The award ceremony.

–The spelling bee competition.




•Each week you will have the chance to earn yourself a sweet or small prize from the basket if you get 9 or 10 on your spelling test.

•You will also earn a raffle ticket for the prize at the end of the term.

•There will also be a new class award up for grabs.

•The total amount of spellings answered correctly for each class will be added up and a percentage given.

•Year 4 - 270/300 spellings correct – 90%

•Year 5 - 240/300 spellings correct – 80%


Spelling Bee


Each week one child from each class will have the chance to represent their class in the ‘Horizon Spelling Bee’

You will be chosen by your teacher to begin with and later in the term you will be able to volunteer.

You will stand at the front of the hall and answer four of your spellings for that week out loud.

Once you have completed your four spellings you will be given a total of correct spellings.

Once each class has had their turn a winner will be the person with the most correct spellings.

The winner will then also win themselves a prize.

Spelling Bee Homework Example