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Horizon Primary Academy's Art Gallery

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On Tuesday 11th July 2017, our school hall was filled with wonderful and amazing artwork from every child in the school!  We turned our hall into 'Horizon's Art Gallery' in order to display the 2D and 3D artwork that they children have produced throughout the year and to celebrate their artistic achievements.  The children felt incredibly proud to have their artwork on display in an area where many people would look at it and they were really excited to see what art projects would await them in their next year group. 


Thank you parents - so many of you took the time to come into the gallery and look not only at your child's artwork but those produced by others in different year groups.  Some of you were amazed at what your child had achieved and the skills that they had shown. 

We are now displaying our children’s artwork in the community so that their achievements are viewed by different people.  There are several pieces of artwork on display in The Willow’s Children’s Centre next to our school.