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Dear Parents/Carers,

It has come to our attention that some of our parents/carers are not always aware of the ways in which they can communicate with us as a school. Please see below some of the following ways already in place which detail how you can communicate with us.


  • Adult presence at the gate each morning- Every day you will either find all three or at least one of the following on the playground: Debbie our wellbeing coordinator, Mrs Piper year 6 Teaching Assistant and Miss Crawford our Head Teacher. Although the adult’s main priority of a morning is to assist the children, all staff are available to talk to parents & carers. If you have additional messages that are sensitive and not appropriate for the contact book then the member of staff will always pass that message on directly to the relevant staff member or can arrange a meeting.

  • Contact Books- Each child has their own contact book, it is their responsibility to get their book out of their bag in the morning just as if they had a hand written message or slip that they had to return and pass it to the teacher or teaching assistant.

  • Open Door Policy- More often than not staff are flexible in finding time to speak to parents/carers whether it be at the beginning or the end of the school day and even make the time to give parents/carers a call during the day if urgent. Alternatively our office staff and wellbeing coordinator are always happy to help and arrange meetings, if it is not possible to see the class teacher that day.

  • Parent Forum- for over a year now our parent forum has been running and led by one of our parent governors Kelly Mills and PTA member Rob Mills. The parent forum is held regularly as an opportunity for parents to have their say around school matters which are then taken to our head teacher to discuss. For more information on this please see our website to check for meeting dates.

  • Display Boards- On the playground and inside and outside the office are regularly updated posters and information regarding upcoming events etc.

  • Friends of Horizon- The school PTA is a great way of getting involved and working with the school- here you will find out more about what we do as a school to support your children and get a real grasp of what goes on behind the scenes!

  • Horizon Hang Out- Every Thursday morning 9:00-10:30 from the 30/3/17 parents/carers will have the opportunity to meet one another for a catch up over a biscuit and a brew! Debbie our wellbeing coordinator will also be available at this time if needed and after SATs so too will one of the members of our senior leadership team Mrs Wright.

  • School Gateway- Text messages, reminders, emails and letters are all sent through our school gateway. The system enables parents/carers to communicate directly through the app at no cost to you! Please make use of the system by checking the app, emails and texts regularly.

  • School Website- The school website is a great way of keeping yourself informed and some staff such as the SENCO and Wellbeing Coordinator each have a contact link on their web pages which parents & carers can use to communicate directly with them.

  • Parent Voice- Often parents are invited into school, if not through the parent forum, on other occasions like anti-bullying discussions to voice their opinions. Unfortunately we do get little response at these meetings and would love to see more parents/carers there!

  • Parent/ Carer Support Page: On our website you will find information on a range of issues that may benefit you, so please make use of it.

  • Office Opening Hours- Since last year our office has been shut between 1:30-3:30. If you need to collect your child between this time then please use the contact book or office staff to make alternative arrangements beforehand. If the matter is urgent then please call the number and choose option three for the business manager.


    Please note that all but one of the above means of communication have been in place for a substantial period of time meaning that we work flexibly to meet our parents/carers needs. We value parent voice and promote a variety of ways of communicating to suit the needs of individuals.


Frequently asked questions:


I feel my child is being bullied, what should I do?

In the first instance speak to your child and gather evidence- is this a consistent issue that’s happening daily or is it just two children falling out one day and friends the next? How has your child interpreted the situation? Is it something that can easily be resolved? Please see our parent friendly-anti-bullying guidance for more information. If you feel that the incident is more than once and is concerning you then please arrange a time to speak to your child’s class teacher to work together to resolve the issue.


Why is the office shut between 1:30-3:30?

It is not uncommon for school offices to be shut for a certain period during the day- as mentioned earlier if you need your child collecting during this time please inform the office/class teacher in good time so alternative arrangements can be made. If it is an emergency, where you are unable to plan in advance, please call the school office and choose option 3 for the business manager who will be able to assist you. The office will open again at 3:30 once Miss Kitchen has had time to see her class out. We ask for your patience and consideration during this time.


I need to speak to the class teacher, what should I do?

If the matter is not urgent then please leave a message in the contact book asking for an appointment time, if the matter is sensitive then please speak to a member of staff at the office or gate in the morning, who can pass the message directly to the relevant staff member.


How can I communicate my voice on school matters?

There are plenty of ways of sharing parent voice, regular parent forum meetings are held and look out for our horizon hang out coffee mornings every Thursday. The aim of the hangout is a place where parents can meet of a morning for a catch up over a brew! Our wellbeing coordinator and one of senior leadership staff Mrs Wright will be based there also in-case anyone wants a chat on school matters!


We hope that this letter is informative and identifies clearly ways of communicating with the school, we value parent voice and ask for as many of you to attend our forums and meetings to discuss school matters. This is the only way that we can get parent feedback, share good news, celebrate successes and implement change for the whole school community.