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Happy Lunchtimes

Happy Lunchtimes

As well as making huge progress academically as a school, all the staff at Horizon strive to make lunchtimes focused and engaging for all children. The safety and well-being of the children is our main priority, as I am sure it is yours. Therefore our staff have recently taken part in The Happy Lunchtime Awards Training’. This has given children and staff a clear structure to focus on positive play. It also promotes a calmer and more consistent approach to discipline, and has ‘something fun for everyone’.

The new play system involves:

  • A play zone each day, with a variety of different activities

  • Inclusive play for all

  • Rewards for following our school HEART values

  • A clear three step system for not following playground rules

  • A quieter lunch hall, promoted by a traffic light system

  • Stickers for eating and trying different foods

  • A certificate at the end of each week, presented by lunchtime staff, for a selection of children


As well 'Happy Lunchtime initiatives', we continue to offer lunchtime clubs across the week; choir, ICT, Debbie’s friendship groups, cartoon club, Stella’s art club, dance club and coming soon ‘Forest Schools’.

Pom Pom reward system

When adults see children displaying positive play and 'HEART' values at lunchtime, they receive a coloured Pom Pom. This then gets put into a collection tube, corresponding to the particular HOUSE that the child belongs to. The lunchtime Pom Poms then get converted into house points and become part of the whole school system of reward.