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 "Friends of Horizon"



Get involved at school:


There is overwhelming evidence that parent participation in education helps our children do better in school and here at Horizon we aim to involve as many parents as possible. There are so many ways you can get involved with the school, whatever your circumstances, interests or skill-set. So if you don't think Friends of Horizon is for you (we still think you should give it a go!) there are plenty of other ways you can get involved!


Even if you can't take part in regular activities at school because of work commitments, you can still make a valuable contribution by sharing your ideas and making things at home! we welcome any younger children along in school so please don't let that put you off!


We have lost the term PTA as we much prefer 'Friends of Horizon' this means that there is no formality, no one leader but a team that works together to support the school!



Here are just some of the ways you can be practically involved: at events:


  • Run a stall at fares, events and charities.
  • Help set up or tidy up is a great help!
  • Share ideas and thoughts.
  • Source Raffle Prizes
  • Creative? help us in school or at home by making something?
  • Like to bake- we need european themed cakes from around the world or traditional sweet dishes from different countries within Europe. 
  • Spread the word to other parents about important dates and events.
  • Volunteer your time when and where you can.
  • Donating good quality toys, games and books for our pocket money stall.
  • Source prizes for games e.g. sweets on own clothes days. 


Successes so far:


  • McMillian Coffee Morning October 2015
  • Through the hard work of the PTA and the generous support of all those who attended the events, the PTA  at our Christmas fete 2015 managed to raise over £600 for the school some of which was used to buy a new sound system.
  • Mothers Day Afternoon Tea March 2016.
  • Summer Fete 2016 we raised over £800!
  • Fathers Day Breakfast.
  • Sports Day Refreshments.
  • Macmillan Cake Sale 2016
  • Christmas Fayre 2016
  • Tiny Tickers Cake Sale 2017
  • Mothers Day afternoon tea 2017
  • Summer Fete 2017
  • NSPCC Spooktacular Bake Off 2017
  • Christmas Fete 2017
  • Play time pancake sale- raising money for summer fete
  • Mothers Day Sale 2018 raising money for Hospices of Hope
  • Hot cross Bun sale March 2018 raising money for summer fete
  • Easter Bake Sale April 2018 raising money for the Royal National Institute for the Blind.









Fundraising Dates/ Event Reminders for Diary:


Dear Parents and Carers, 


I would like to clarify once again the role of Friends of Horizon, 



Who are we?

As a school we feel that a whole school effort is far more appropriate and suitable for our school community rather than a formalised group of individuals which makes us different to an ‘established PTA’. The designated link for the school is myself Debbie, the Wellbeing Coordinator and we have a combination of parents/carers who dedicate a range of time and efforts when it comes to events and fundraising. Friends of Horizon is currently made up of volunteers including parents/carers, staff, governors and Hope Church. Anyone is welcome along to a Friends of Horizon Meeting on the last Tuesday of every month at 2pm. They are informal and held purely so members can liaise and discuss events. Did you realise you as a community you are already helping when you participate in own clothes day and bake sales- your support there makes a big difference.


We see our school as a community of its own, and feel alongside our Heart Values and British Values that we can achieve far more by working together than alone. Running events such as Christmas and Summer Fetes- requires a lot of organisation, time and effort and we are pleased to say more than ever before more parents/carers have signed up to help based on a rota system on the day! 


Our overall aim is to provide fun and exciting events for our pupils and families whilst raising money along the way! The theme this year is Disney and we hope to make it as magical as possible!




As a school we do not expect that every family can afford to contribute to fundraising events so we always try to ensure that they are evenly spread out across the year and that they are affordable and OPTIONAL. We stress the word optional as we are aware that nearly half the percentage of our pupils are pupil premium meaning they are from low income families- and fundraising events can be an added financial strain to some individuals. Our events are always cost effective meaning we charge the minimum compared to other schools. Our vision is that for example if a child has a £1 coin then that should stretch to at least 5 activities ensuring they get to take part! We continue to keep our costs low to ensure we are inclusive to all. 


Where does the money go?


Friends of Horizon was only properly established nearly 3 years ago meaning there was no community funds available to begin with. Money raised at events has helped to fund other events and as you can imagine because we keep things at such a low cost we do not always make a huge profit! The profit we do make however we are really proud of and so far it has been used to fund other events and has been used to fund class projects and equipment. This year we would like to be able to raise enough money to buy more equipment for Happy Lunch Times- this is something that will benefit all the children within the school and it is something they have asked for. 



Dates for Diaries:


Friday 25/5/18- Own clothes Day (Optional) we are looking for lucky dip prizes such as sweets, small toys and stationery (Preferably Disney if you can find them). 


Thursday 7th June (Optional) Children can bring 40p in a named envelope to buy an ice lolly. Funds raised will go towards buying food/drink for the Summer Fete.


Father’s Day Gift Sale (50p) Thursday 15th June-We were lucky enough that Hospices of Hope were kind enough like on Mother’s Day to donate discontinued stock to us which make for great presents. We will be counting to see how many items we have, so if you would like to donate any second hand gifts that are suitable for males please feel free. 


Friday 6th July  Optional Own Clothes Day


Take a look below at the suggested items to bring in for your child's year group:



Year R- French Fancies (£1 boxes)

Year 1- Jam Tarts (Under a pound) 

Year 2- Scones (can be bought for under a £1 in supermarkets)

Year 3- Party Rings (Under a Pound)

Year 4- Bug/animal themed sweets! (Under a pound)

Year 5- Multi pack crisps.

Year 6- Sweets for lucky Dip.


We thank you again for your continued support and hope you and your family enjoy the Disney magic on Saturday 7th July.



Summer Fete 2017

If you are interested in any way in helping out, please take a look at the ideas above and send us a message on this link! Don't forget your name and child's name in the message.