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Our curriculum vision is focused on the needs of our children. At the core of our Curriculum is the development of literacy and numeracy knowledge and skills. These are the essential life skills for every child to be able to access future learning. We ensure that we develop the skills and attributes for our children to be active learners and increase the potential to achieve more. Embedded within the school are our “Heart Values”. This ensures that our children are equipped to be respectful students who have a good positive attitude to learning.


At Horizon Primary Academy, we take a practical approach to learning. We believe that children learn best when they are actively involved. 'Learning by doing' makes the work more interesting, more meaningful and more likely to make sense to the children and be remembered. Activities such as problem solving and investigations follow this principle. This kind of learning helps children to think clearer, to raise questions, try out ideas and to record their findings. It helps build independent learners and also makes learning fun.


We tailor learning to provide children with opportunities to develop skills and explore concepts. This will allow them to build their knowledge and understanding through topics that will capture their interest and stimulate their imagination. We involve the children in planning topics and themes of study so that their learning reflects their interests, which motivates and inspires them to learn. This is achieved through the provision of workshops across the curriculum, school trips and working with other primary schools. With all of these factors in place, it ensures the development of the whole child.


Matt Jones (Curriculum Leader)

Our subject leaders:

Teacher Subjects
Mr Jones Writing and PE
Mrs Wright Maths
Mrs Powley Science
Mrs Glasscock Phonics
Miss Cook Reading
Mr O'Dwyer ICT
Mrs Martin RE
Mrs Smith Music
Miss Poole Modern Foreign Languages
Miss Barrett Art
Mrs Rowbotham PSHE and P4C