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ICT at Horizon


At Horizon we understand, that due to the ever changing computing world that we live in,  it is essential that all pupils and staff gain the confidence and ability they need in this subject. This prepares them for the challenge of a rapidly developing technological world.


We aim to provide a well-balanced curriculum that allows the children to have a high quality understanding of computing and apply their knowledge to a number of computing devices.

We look to give children as many different opportunities to develop the skills of ICT to enhance and extend their own learning across the whole curriculum.

Computing in Key Stage One


In Early Years and KS1 children are taught a range of skills to allow them to use a range of software programmes independently. A range of programmes and activities are taught in our ICT suite or unplugged in class to give the children the experience of technology in a range of environments. Computing software such as Scratch and Bee Bots are used to encourage children to 'learn by doing' to encourage independence and resilience in their work.

Computing in Key Stage Two


As children enter KS2 we look to develop children’s understand of technology, deepening the knowledge they have begun to develop in KS1. In lessons the development of logical reasoning, independence, teamwork and resilience is in the forefront of the projects the children undertake. Whether it will be creating a 'crab maze game' in Scratch or creating a movie in 'iMovie player' the children are encouraged to develop their ideas and to find solutions to their problems to improve their work.

Cross Curricular ICT


A huge part of ICT at Horizon is the development of the skills to use technology correctly. Beginning in KS1 children are taught and encouraged to use the keyboard and iPad correctly in lessons to enable them to work effectively throughout their day.


To enhance these skills children in KS2 will regularly produce written documents for literacy to ensure the formatting of documents is embedded. Writing a wide range of different types of text is important, with work produced for emails, blogs and twitter to understand how computer networks including the internet provide opportunities to provide communication and collaboration.


Having access to iPads at Horizon gives a wide range of ways to enhance children’s learning across different subject areas. Examples are: videoing themselves in PE; improving their tennis swing; and recording a method of calculation in Numeracy. This provides the children a chance to improve and reflect on their work.

The Vision for ICT at Horizon


Our aim is for all children to have access to a high-quality computing education to ensure it equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world. To develop the children to use logical reasoning to help them solve problems related to computing and other areas of the curriculum.


We want to drive towards ensuring that pupils become digitally literate – able to use, and express themselves and develop their ideas through, information and communication technology. To be able to understand the importance of technology and how they can effectively use this to enhance their own learning through a broad range of ways.