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Latest Cub News:

On Friday 14th October, 25 of our Cubs went to the 'Centenary Celebration Camp'. The event took place in Ashford, Kent and was attended by over 400 cubs from around the district. Our cubs did us proud, showing true scouting values by taking part in everything, doing their best, helping other people and showing great determination in conquering their fears. Well done 4th Swanley Horizon!!!

Here's what some of them said about camp:


“I will remember spending time with my friends, meeting new cubs, making memories and learning new things! I think camp changed me – it gave me the idea that you can do great things in life, if you never give up.” (David Y4)

“I learned that I should be making my own bed at home – just like on camp.” (Fiona Y5)


“I felt so proud about climbing the wall because I went further than I thought I ever could.”


“I learned that you need to respect other people, help and join in all the activities.” (Elizabeth Y5)


“I feel really proud of rock climbing because at first I didn’t get to the top but when I tried again I did it. Camp has changed me because now all I want to do is go on camp!!!!!” (Emily)



All children in Y4, Y5 and Y6 are Cubs. For Cubs, excitement, challenge and adventure are key. Their programme offers a huge variety of activities, including outdoor skills, taking part in adventurous activities, as well as camps and residential experiences. Cubs are given more responsibility than Beaver Scouts, can go on longer camps and attempt more challenging activities. Cub packs are divided into Sixes - Cubs have the opportunity to become Sixers, where they will be encouraged to develop their leadership skills and lead their Six.

Historically the Cub section was known as 'Wolf Cubs'. The 'Wolf' part has now long gone, but its influence can be felt in the section today. The cub section is known as a Pack, like a pack of wolves and the sections most used ceremony is the 'Grand Howl'. Cub Scout Leaders are often known as 'Akela' or other characters from Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book.


On leaving 4th Swanley Horizon, we hope that our Cubs will continue their adventure in Scouting. We are at present working closely with Orchards Academy, to extend our group to include a 4th Swanley Horizon Scout Troop.  


Cubs range of badges and awards:

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Badges being completed this year:


Activity Badges                                                    Staged Badges


Personnal Safety Badge                                       Hikes away

Backwood cooking                                                Swimming Stage 1

Road Safety Badge                                              Night Away


Disability Awareness


Challenge Badge

Our Outdoors

Skills Challenge Award