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Year 5 & 6 Self esteem and body confidence after school nurture group


It is becoming more apparent that body issues and self-esteem affect nearly all young girls, undermining their self-confidence and self-esteem. Young people today are surrounded by increasingly unattainable beauty standards in the media and this is having a significant impact on their wellbeing, mental health and self-worth.  At Horizon Primary Academy as part of our wellbeing work we have seen the need to support our children around- body confidence and self-esteem as well as exploring the developing changes in their bodies so that they leave us feeling well informed and equipped for the future challenges of becoming a teen! In today’s society it is common for girls to talk negatively about themselves, particularly their appearance as a way of expressing their emotional upset so it is paramount these issues are explored early. As part of the four week programme we will cover not only body confidence and self-esteem but also the importance of personal hygiene, maintaining a healthy lifestyle to promote positive physical and mental health and also we will discuss the developing changes in our bodies (puberty and periods). 


Please take a look below at what your children will be learning about in each sessions and if you have any direct questions please speak to Debbie our wellbeing coordinator.





Session 1:  This is me- in this activity the children will be encouraged to think about what makes them unique and special focusing on their strengths. In a world where children are subjected to ‘perfect looking people’ through the media it is common for girls at this age to become overly concerned with the way they look, comparing themselves to others and leaving them with negative emotions. We will make mood boards using pictures that appreciate their unique qualities and interests and look at how the media inaccurately portrays people.

dove evolution

Trailer from this director: Check out Body Evolution: Support Dove's work here: Dove Evolution was created for Dove/Ogilvy by Tim Piper who now writes and directs branded films for Piro ( Dove Evolution was directed by Tim Piper and Yael Staav for Ogilvy and Dove.

Session 2:  Why I am fabulous & My Brilliant Body- using their own photo children will be encouraged to write down the things they like about themselves and then explore how everyone’s bodies are amazing no matter what shape, size or colour and that our bodies allow us to achieve amazing things every day. What this session aims to cover:


  • Self esteem
  • Self worth
  • Body confidence
  • Confidence







Picture 1

Session 3: Puberty, developing changes and the importance of personal hygiene:  In this session the children will explore age appropriately the developing changes of puberty. The children will be exploring:


  • What is a period?
  • Changes to your body (reproductive system, periods and developing breasts)
  • The importance of personal hygiene and care
  • Introduction to sanitary towels/tampons (Free Pack and guidance to take home)



Please take a look at the link below:

Session 4: Mindful Eating and wellbeing- In this session we explore our relationships with food, exercise and mental health and the importance of caring and looking after your body physically and mentally.

  • importance of exercise
  • importance of a well balanced diet
  • healthy relationships with food
  • importance of mental health/emotional wellbeing
On our last session we had a Christmas party and received our goody bags!
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