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Anti Bullying

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Here at Horizon Primary Academy we believe that every child should be able to learn in a safe, warm and caring environment where they feel supported and listened too.  No pupil or staff member should be subjected to physical or verbal abuse and we strongly encourage and promote our Heart Values (Honesty, Empathy, Attitude, Respect, Team Work) in our school. 


What is considered to be bullying at Horizon Primary Academy?

Staff and children at Horizon Primary consider bullying to be "a behaviour that is consistent, regular and targeted at an individual or group of people with the intention to physically or emotionally harm them". 


When is it not bullying?


Unfortunately children do fall out, disagree and argue on a daily basis  just like they do at home with their siblings and most of the time these issues can easily be resolved. Here at Horizon we cater for a high number of children with personal, social and emotional difficulties as well as those with additional needs and staff work hard to ensure appropriate behaviour management strategies are put in place to support individual children. When an incident between children occurs they are encouraged to reflect upon it and work out together the best way to resolve their situation with the support and guidance of an adult.


What are Horizon doing to tackle and prevent bullying?

  • Positive and effective school leadership that actively react to incidents in a reasonable, proportionate and consistent way.
  • ​Use of the curriculum and PSHE lessons to raise awareness of and tackle bullying.
  • Engaging pupils in developing policy and practicing through school council sessions and class discussions.
  • Active Listening-peer mentoring buddy systems in place.
  • Safe Space's for the children both indoors and out these can be used to identify problems and to resolve them.
  • Happy Lunch Time Scheme in place to engage children.
  • Lunch time groups to support friendship breakdowns and social skills.
  • Pastoral care offered by our wellbeing coordinator.
  • Children encouraged to resolve their issues and to consider the feelings of others in a safe place within the class room with their teacher, TA or with our wellbeing coordinator. 
  • Use of behaviour management systems.
  • Pupil support systems in place.
  • Staff model positive relationships.
  • Working in partnership with parents.


How can my child report bullying?

​Children are encouraged to report any incident of bullying to an adult immediately so that it can be dealt with.

  • First of all staff allow the child to speak in confidence about their situation.
  • Secondly children are then encouraged themselves to problem solve and work out a way they would like the issue to be dealt with and resolved.
  • ​Staff then can carry out fair and effective investigations with other children to not only work out who was involved but also how to effectively support both parties.
  • Follow up systems are in place to ensure that agreements are sustained. 


Take a look below at our child friendly anti bullying policy which all the children of Horizon have discussed and contributed to in their democratic circles! The child friendly anti-bullying policy will be kept in each class for the children to access.

Child Friendly Anti Bullying Policy