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Ade Adepitan MBE – Year 3

Class Newsletter September 2017

Have a look at how the children's amazing work about Ancient Egypt and other subjects has filled our classroom!  They have had some brilliant experiences too!

Our Homework Ethos



At Horizon Primary Academy we believe that homework encourages and enhances children’s learning as well as providing an opportunity for parents and children to work together to enjoy new learning experiences. We also believe that by undertaking and completing homework, a child’s sense of responsibility and self-discipline to study will develop and help them to prepare for life at secondary school.


We believe that some form of regular work at home, although not compulsory, is desirable for all primary age children. understand that homework should be a pleasant experience, therefore, we have devised exciting, practical and creative ‘Show us what you know’ tasks to reinforce what they are learning in class. All children from Reception to Year 6 have an online Mathletics account whereby they need to complete set tasks and practice their times tables before they can play maths related games.


We recommend that all children read independently or are read to by parents or carers on a daily basis either before or after school for 15 – 20 minutes. Books from our Accelerated Reader scheme, Swanley Link, or books from home are all suitable.


Below, you will find the ‘Show us what you know’ tasks that are linked to the current topic being studied in class.

'Show us what you know' Homework Tasks - Terms 1 &2