Activities to try at home

Click here for access to an excellent pack of activities to support mental health and wellbeing whilst in lockdown at home.


BBC Bitesize are posting daily online lessons for all ages.

A new virtual school has been set up who are posting a weekly schedule on online and virtual lessons.


Ticketmaster have posted activities to try at home.


Be Part of History

This thing we are all part of, it's living history. Our children are all part of this and it will be talked about for generations to come. Schools are closed; sports are cancelled; people are quarantined... on a GLOBAL level. The best thing that children can do is keep a journal over the coming weeks. Handwritten, typed, in photographs and drawings... record events, day to day activities, worries and feelings. Let them make a video journal if that's the media they prefer. As parents, let them interview you, be part of it. When it's all over, save it/store it in a safe place for them. They will share this with their children and grandchildren. Help them create a tangible, primary source of their own history.

When we do come back to school, we will invite the children to bring some of this into school and we will create a Horizon Primary Academy time capsule for the future pupils of the school to discover.

Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks


David Walliams Audio Books - click here to hear a David Walliams story at 11am every day.


Hobbycraft are holding daily online crafting workshops at 11am. Click here to visit and try.

Click here for free drawing lessons for kids from World Book Day author


Steve Backshall live on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram - Wednesday 25th March at 9:30am.

Instilling Inspiration are posting daily Youtube videos linked to PE, fitness, mindfulness and much more. Click to visit.


Kidz Fit have provided free access to a range of activities to try at home.

Philosophy Brainsqueezers - ideas to get you thinking at home

Chester Zoo virtual visit.


See below for PE activities to try at home:

Treasure chest

Wacky Races


Battleship Level 2

Climb the Ladder

Rolling Penalties

Standing Long Jump

Standing Long Jump 2

Three in a Row

Top Ten