Welcome from the Headteacher

Welcome to the Horizon Primary Academy website. I hope that it captures the true essence of the school and gives you the information you are looking for. You are very welcome to come and visit to find out more – our children are the heart of Horizon Primary Academy and would love to show you around the school they are so very proud to be part of.



Aim High;

Spread Your Wings;

Learn Without Limits!


At Horizon Primary Academy, we create a haven for each and every child, a place where they are nurtured yet inspired to learn without limits and aspire to be the very best they can be.


We fundamentally believe in developing the whole child, encapsulated in our values of aspiration, respect, honesty, pride, resilience and equality, whilst ensuring that the children are part of an exceptional learning community, providing the highest quality teaching, experiences and opportunities so that every child can thrive.


At Horizon, we believe that the mastery of reading, writing and mathematics are the foundations that underpin the success of every child as does access to an enriching, broad curriculum that engages and excites the children, developing a desire to always want to learn more.


At Horizon, we know we can make a difference to every child and strive to do this in everything that we do. We care deeply for all of the children and their genuine wellbeing and are committed to supporting their positive mental health.


Horizon children, our children, deserve the very best, so we all work hard to be the best that we can be, knowing that staff wellbeing is fundamental in developing the best skills and qualities in every individual and the team.


At Horizon, we have exceptional ambitions for everyone; everyone is part of our ‘exceptional learning community’.





Mr David Moss


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