Knowledge Organisers

Why we use knowledge organisers at Horizon:

At Horizon, we believe that acquiring knowledge is vital in all areas of the curriculum. Embedding knowledge into the long-term memory is a fundamental part of the learning process. 

We use knowledge organisers as a key tool to ensuring that this happens. A knowledge organiser contains all of the core knowledge that a child needs to know and will acquire throughout a learning theme, topic or unit of learning in a particular subject. 

These are a vital tool for the children and discussions about and referal to knowledge organisers is a method of keeping learning on track as well as a scaffold for learning in any subject.

Parents have access to these knowledge organisers too and can support knowledge acquisition at home as they know exactly what the children are learning in school and need to know over time.

Knowledge organisers are also an incredibly useful tool for teachers as they can ensure that they plan lessons that ensure core knowledge is acquired over time and can build on the learning journey as our knowledge organisers also include information about prior and future knowledge.



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